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From September 2021, any child that a health professional or education-setting believes needs to be assessed for a neurodevelopmental condition (ASD and ADHD) will be referred via a newly developed referral form.

Provision is also being made within the proposed Family Support Service to enable children who are electively home educated to be referred as appropriate.

Referrals for autism will no longer be accepted by the core Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS); they will instead be directed to the newly-created neurodevelopmental team in TEWV. This should, as the new pathway embeds, quicken the process.

The referral will be triaged by a multi-agency panel which will include a CAMHS clinician, Speech & Language Therapist and representatives from the Education and Early Help teams at the Local Authority. This will enable all relevant organisations to have an oversight of the needs of the child and, where required, put in the necessary support to meet the childs’ needs. Following the triage process, the referring agency (and the parents)  will receive a letter from the panel detailing the next steps for the child.

All children and their families will be able to access support whilst they are undergoing the assessment process. We are developing a ‘bubble of support’ which highlight all of the services which a family can access when they think their child has a neurodevelopmental need. We are in the process of developing a website, which will be co-produced with the Parent Carer Forums. 

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South Tees Neurodevelopment Pathway website
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Page last reviewed: 10/12/2021


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