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We work in the North East of England to help families who go through the neonatal journey. We work with Teesside's Neonatal intensive care unit at James Cook University Hospital, we work with midwives and the Delivery sutie at North Tees Hospital, we work with the northern Neonatal Transport Servicee, and over the next several years we aim to expand our reach to give continuity of care to both families and staff in the region. 

Our website is a hub of information, videos, interviews, blogs and assets which we hope will help people wherever they are in the world. We believe everyone who walks this journey needs support, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, it's still an immensely traumatising time for families and if reading our blogs, watching a video or using our stickers helps, then we've done our job.

As we physically cannot be everywehre at once (although we wish we could!), we decided our website would house support for families and staff in various forms.

We are working within the community in the North East to help care for families once they're home from the units which we support, and those we don't. We know that parents can feel so very isolated, worried and overwhelmed when they get home - it's something we're really trying to combat and provide better outcomes. 

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