CCard Scheme: Middlesbrough


The Middlesbrough CCard Scheme gives FREE condoms, including female condoms, dental dams and latex free alternatives' to young people in Middlesbrough aged 13-24.

All Middlesbrough young people aged 13-24 can access the service; It doesn’t matter whether you‘re having sex, thinking about having sex, or if you‘re just curious.

You will find CCard Sites all around Middlesbrough. If you need to get a CCard you’ll need to register first. You can search find all CCard Sites by clicking this link:-

CCard Sites

How do I get the CCard condoms?

Sign up and register at one of our distribution sites;

  • You will discuss some things with the worker at that site including confidentiality and what we can and cannot keep confidential. The worker will also discuss with you how to delay early sex, whether or not sexually active doesn't matter.
  • The worker will discuss with you about your current relationships and discuss with you how to make sure you are staying safe.
  • The worker may also discuss with you sexual health issues such as pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted infections or other methods of contraception.
  • You will have to complete a condom demonstration with the worker (the correct method on how to fit a condom) We use plastic demonstrators for you to practice and show you how to do it correctly.
  • You give your name, date of birth and your postcode, (We will never contact you using this information.)
  • We will then issue you a CCard and selection pack of condoms.
  • Whenever you want condoms, visit any CCard site and present your card.
  • Show your CCard and indicate which types of condoms and lube you want, by name, colour or type.
  • You can choose a mixture of 6 condoms plus lube at each visit.
  • Your CCard paperwork is completed every time you access a CCard site, this data is kept locked away securely and only specially trained staff can access it.
  • You can visits as many times as you want, but staff may discuss things with you further if you need condoms more regularly than once or twice per week
  • When you visit the CCard Site – be sure to check out if they offer any other sexual health services.

All of Middlesbrough CCard Sites stock Pasante Condoms, we offer a range of Condom types; all are non spermicidally lubricated

  • Regular Condoms; 70 Microns of Latex, Standard fit, our most popular condom
  • Trim Condoms; 70 microns, trim for a closer fit,
  • Naturelle Condoms; 65 Microns of Latex, Standard fit, thickness of a human hair
  • Extra Safe; 100 Microns of Latex, Standard fit, thicker and more lubrication
  • Ribbed; Ribbed for greater sensation and fun, 70 microns of latex,
  • Female Condoms; Latex Free condoms; 50 microns of nitrile
  • Sensiva; Latex free 15-20 microns; Non Latex Condom, polyurethane condom
  • Flavours; 70 microns. Standard shape, Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Mint, Blueberry, Strawberry flavours
  • Lube; Light water based lubricant
  • Large; 70 microns, standard shape, a larger condom for greater comfort
  • Kingsize; 70 microns, a wider and longer condom for ultimate comfort

Download the C Card Condom Finder app.  Search "C Card Condom Finder" on I Phone App Store or Google Play. 

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Page last reviewed: 10/08/2022


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