Ask The Awkward

Being online is an important part of how young people ‘do’ relationships. Young people are using online spaces for their social and romantic lives. They told us that they would like their parents and carers to talk with them more about this. We know that these topics aren’t always easy to talk about, so #AskTheAwkward has been created to help you to explore online relationships with your secondary aged children, making these conversations part of everyday life.

Unsure where to start? Our introduction to Asking The Awkward helps you to prepare for regular conversations with your child about online relationships and related topics. It also offers advice on how to keep conversations positive and what to do if your child tells you something that worries you.

Download A parent and carers introduction to Asking The Awkward here.

The #AskTheAwkward films explore lots of topics. To help you get talking, we’ve picked out the key topics from each film and created help sheets with what you need to know, suggested conversation starters and links to further information.  

Download the #AskTheAwkward help sheets here.

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