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Outreach and Inclusion support is provided via a 0-25 Outreach and Inclusion Team. This team is split into areas of specialism covering Early Years and Primary, and Secondary and Post 16. The aim of the service is to support schools to identify SEND at the earliest point, contribute towards a graduated response to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND and offer additional resource to schools to coordinate efforts to increase inclusive capacity in the local area.

As part of the Outreach and Inclusion Model, the following resources will be made available to schools and settings:

  • Specialist Outreach Teaching Staff
  • Outreach Practitioners
  • Inclusion Officers

 Our approach reflects a shared commitment to promoting education and social inclusion, and to minimising the use of exclusion (fixed-term and permanent). The model is intended to enhance the partnership between the child and their family, the school or setting and the services involved in the interests of securing the best outcomes for the child.

The success of the approach depends on the commitment of all parties to take shared ownerships and accountability to build inclusive capacity within the local area, and a willingness to take a child centred approach in a fair, transparent and collaborative way.

The Referral Process and Panel

There is one single 0-25 Outreach and Inclusion referral process. There is a single referral form to support this. The form covers all requests; including Early Years assessment and intervention, workforce development and training, outreach services and requests for assessment places and/or access to curriculum alternatives/ alternative provision. All referrals will be heard at a multi-agency panel. The panel process is two tiered (as outlined below) to provide responsive support.

 Process for children with an EHCP who are on a reduced timetable.

 The attached proforma must be completed and returned to the SEND Team for every child with an EHCP who is on a reduced timetable. Please send completed forms to sen@middlesbrough.gov.uk

We appreciate that sometimes it is necessary to make individual arrangements for children regarding the hours they access education. As a team, we want to ensure that we have oversight of these children first and foremost, but also to make sure that we offer schools the support they may need to meet the needs of these children as required.


Who to contact

01642 201831 01642 201831

Page last reviewed: 10/03/2023


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