Speech and Language Support in the Family Hubs

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There is a Speech and Language Therapist working in the Family Hubs as part of the Family Hubs offer. The offer is open to pre-school children with a focus on children aged 3-4 years. Through this service you can access advice and recommendations when you have initial concerns about a child's communication skills. 

Help is offered to parents, carers and families to support children's speech, language and communication skills. Professionals can also access support if they have concerns about pre-school aged children under their care, in regard to their speech, language and communication skills. 

If you have concerns about your child's speech, language and communication skills, are under 5 years old and you live in Middlesbrough, you can access an advice line for support. Contact 01642 579120 to book a slot.

Professionals can book a slot for the professional advice line by contacting the email below. 

Please see the Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service page for more information about making a direct referral to the Speech and Language Therapy Service. 


Who to contact

07788 336 237 07788 336 237

For those residing under Middlesbrough Council

Time / Date Details

When is it on
The Speech and Language Therapist works into the Family Hubs Monday to Friday on a fortnightly basis
Time of day


Age Ranges
Under 5 years

Page last reviewed: 16/10/2023


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