One Plus One digital reducing Parental Conflict Programme

Parents can use the 3 programmes independently. Why not try it out yourself by registering with your own personal email address, there are lots of tools and videos etc. to use throughout the programme. 

Me you and Baby too,

  • Is for new and expectant parents targeted or universal approach.
  • To help new and expectant parents adapt to the changes that parenthood can have on their
  • relationship.
  • To raise awareness of the impact of stress and conflict on their baby.
  • To support parents to develop skills to manage conflict constructively.


Arguing Better

  • Parents experiencing high levels of stress and couple conflict.
  • To raise awareness of parental conflict and its impact on children
  • To increase parents’ capacity to cope with stress together
  • To support parents to develop skills to manage their conflict more constructively.


Getting it right for children

  • Separating or separated parents experiencing high levels of conflict.
  • To raise parents’ awareness and understanding of how they are putting their child in the middle of their
  • conflict.
  • To help parents to develop positive communication skills.
  • To support parents to co-operate and work out solutions together

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Page last reviewed: 26/08/2022


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