The Big Takeover - Young People Get Involved with your EHCP meetings

Middlesbrough’s young people have been taking over BIG BUSINESS CHALLENGES from Heads of Service at Middlesbrough Council. Young People were invited to be our Young Champions, taking over from senior leaders by taking over their roles, they worked together to solve a BIG BUSINESS CHALLENGE.

Our Young Champions from Priory Woods school and 6th form were given the challenge of getting more young people involved in their meetings, especially their Education, Health and Care plan meeting that happens at least once a year.

The number of young people attending their EHCP review meeting has been low, and our Young Champions went out on a fact finding mission across their school to find out what it would take to encourage other young people to come to their meeting. The came up with some great ideas, and even produced a video to show why it’s important that children and young people come to their meeting and take control of their Education Health and Care plans


Page last reviewed: 16/01/2023


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