* Middlesbrough Children's Centres *

Children's Centres offer all families with children under five a range of services, information and support in their local community.

The main aim of Children’s Centres is to improve outcomes for all young children, so that they are happy, healthy and ready for nursery.  Our activities support this and staff will help you understand how your child learns and how you can encourage this at home.

We would like to invite you to become registered with Middlesbrough's Children's Centres by completing the online form.

Abingdon Primary School and Children's Centre    Telephone:  01642 210567 (Option 2)

Abingdon Road
Middlesbrough  TS1 3JR

Berwick Hills and Park End Children’s Centre     Telephone:  01642 245358

Overdale Road
Park End
Middlesbrough  TS3 0AA

Hemlington Children's Centre     Telephone:  01642 598012

Cass House Road
Middlesbrough  TS8 9EQ

Martonside Children's Centre     Telephone:  01642 835044

1c Martonside Way
Middlesbrough  TS4 3BU

North Ormesby and Thorntree Children’s Centre     Telephone:  01642 227566

Sharrock Close
North Ormesby
Middlesbrough  TS3 6DF

Park End and Berwick Hills Children’s Centre     Telephone:  01642 513019

Overdale Road
Park End
Middlesbrough  TS3 0AA

Thorntree and North Ormesby Children’s Centre     Telephone:  01642 232809

Thorntree Community Centre
Birkhall Road
Middlesbrough  TS3 9JW

West Middlesbrough Children's Centre     Telephone:  01642 354300

Stainsby Rd
Whinney Banks
Middlesbrough  TS5 4JS

Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Pre-Birth - 5 Years
SEN Provision Type

Page last reviewed: 15/02/2023


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