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Learn and Thrive is national charity providing digital learning resources for children and young people with Down’s syndrome and a range of other additional learning needs. We host a wealth of video resources on our website which are available alongside downloadable resources. We are proud that we can provide all these videos and resources for FREE. 

We have two projects; Teach Me Too and Learning for Life. Teach Me Too provides support for early years, with a focus on speech and language development. In this project we are partnered with Makaton, used by our specialist speech and language therapists to aid in our learners’ development. Learning for Life is for learners in primary and secondary school, taught age-appropriately up to age 25. This project is built around the English Primary Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) curriculum. These projects have been produced in partnership with Inclusively Down, Key Communication, Symbol UK, and 21 Together. You can visit our website for further information. 


As a national charity delivering digital resources, we can provide our services in your area. These are designed to be used in a range of settings, including at home, in support groups, and with teachers and SENCOs. The supporting adult works through the resources with the learner, and the end of each video allows for an assessment of what the learner knows by the end of the session.  

If you have a look in the Downloads section, you will find leaflets with more information.

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