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Family Partnership Team

The Family Partnership team work with families who have children aged between 0 – 19 years. They work closely with children and families who require extra support in order to get through difficult periods in their lives.

 Our team is committed to:

  • Offering trauma informed practice to families who have suffered trauma and might be finding it hard to engage with services. Families might feel that professionals do not understand what they are experiencing so our team will help them understand what you are going through.
  • Working with ‘revolving door families’. These are families who struggle to make positive changes and therefore keep getting referred to services.
  • Empowering families to feel safe and confident when asking for help and helping families to understand that asking for help is a great example of taking care of yourself.

We also offer consultations and guidance via the Early Help Forum on a fortnight basis. This is to support services who are providing Early Help to families. Together we explore different ways of helping families and consider whether it is appropriate or not for other services to take over the work. If you would like to access Early Help support please click on the following link for details MACH

Who to contact

01642 354300
Parent Organisation
Early Help

Where to go

West Middlesbrough Childrens Centre
Stainsby Road

Page last reviewed: 21/08/2020