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Short Break Application Scheme

Short Break Service for children with disabilities and their families.

Prior to the Short Break Application Scheme being introduced, having a short beak service has meant having an assessment by someone from the Disability Team - a Social Worker or Family Support Worker. Some families do not want someone assessing their needs, stopping them having a short break service. To help these families the Children with Disabilities Team introduced the Short Break Application (Direct Application) Scheme.

Using this scheme, families do not have to have a social worker or have their needs assessed, they simply complete a short application form, and provide a letter from a professional who knows the child.

How will this work?

Families will be able to request a small budget to organise or purchase a short break service if they feel that:

  • their child or young person needs support to go out and do the things other children their age do
  • they need someone to help them in the home because their child needs additional help
  • they need assistance to go out as a family because their child's additional needs make it impossible for them to go out without support.

With help from a member of the Short Breaks Service, parents/carers can complete the application form and obtain a letter of support from a doctor/pediatrician/community nurse, teacher or other professional who knows the child well.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Ben Lee
Contact Position
Senior Short Break Facilitator
01642 579160
Parent Organisation
Children with Disabilities Team

Where to go

2nd Floor Hemlington Health Centre
21-25 Viewly Hill Centre


Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Other Details


Age Ranges
0 - 18 years
Referral Details

Via application form and letter of support from a professional who knows the child well

Local Offer

Needs Level
SEN Provision Type
Page last reviewed: 30/07/2019
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