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* Coronavirus - Childcare *

The childcare providers listed below are open to provide childcare. This list will be continually updated.

Click on the name of the childcare provider and it will take you to their contact details on this website.

Happy Little Sunbeams Day Nursery - TS1

Nikki Asker - Childminder TS7

Tess Blagg - Childminder TS5

Karen Warriner - Childminder TS5

Nichola Sheldon - Childminder TS7

Tiny Turners Day Nursery - TS7

Ruth Bunting - Childminder TS7

Tanya Ward - Childminder TS3

Tracy Appleton - Childminder TS8

Debbie Marshall - Childminder TS7

Angela Heselton - Childminder TS7

Edyta's Little Explorers - Childminder TS5

Katherine Spencer - Childminder TS8

Maria Clark - Childminder TS5

Deborah Bullen - Childminder TS7

Alison Tarling - Childminder TS4

Carol Humphrey - Childminder TS5

Heather Readman - Childminder TS8

Tracy O'Sullivan - Childminder TS3

Playdays Nursery - TS4

Rosedene Easterside - TS4 (Overnight care available)

Rosedene Hemlington - TS8

Rosdene Kader - TS5

Rebecca Snowdon - Childminder TS5

The Barn Forest School - TS8

Dawn Lilley - Childminder TS5

Acklam Day Nursery TS5 

Alison Melvin TS8

Avenue Day Nursery TS5

Beverley Cave TS7

Elaine Bunn

Gemma Finnegan TS7

Great Expectations TS1

Hannah Charlton 

Helen Llewellyn TS5 

Joanne Croft TS8 

Jolly Tots TS7

Julie Orpen TS5

Langridge Childcare TS3

Laura Whaley TS5

Little Treasures TS5

Little Wonders TS8

Marie Lawson TS7

Marton Day Nursery TS4

Minnows Day Nursery TS3

Montessori Central TS1

Montessori Hemlington TS8

Poppets Day Nursery TS3

TAD Centre Day Nursery TS3

Parkway Day Nursery TS8

Stainsby Nursery TS5 opening from 15 June

Suzanne Newton TS5

Teacher Time Linthorpe TS5

Teacher Time Longlands TS4

Teacher Time North Ormesby TS3

Teacher Time Berwick Hills TS3

The Montessori People at Grey House TS5

Tina Robson TS7

Top Corner Daycare TS3

Tracey Taylor TS5

Play & Learn TS4

Katie Escritt - Childminder TS8

Suzanne Newton - Childminder TS5

Nicola Duguid - Childminder TS8

Susan Atkins - Childminder TS7

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Page last reviewed: 10/07/2020
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