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Learning Curve Ltd

Learning Curve is listed within the approved list of Alternative Education providers with Middlesbrough Council. You can download the full list from the Information section above.

  • Provision for 14-16 year olds
  • Varied vocational programmes
  • Flexible and individual to meet learner needs



Who to contact

Contact Name
Gail Crossman
01388 777129
Learning Curve website

Where to go

Middlesbrough Skill Centre
Unit 1
Westerby Road
Skippers Lane Industrial Estate

Other Details


please see Middlesbrough Councils Approved List for Alternative Education Providers for further information.


Referral Details

The Referral for Alternative Provision Form 9available within the Approved Provider document) must be completed by the purchaser for each individual pupil detailing the purchasers requirements and be sent directly to the Provider by e mail or in writing and to

On receipt of the order the Provider must, within 2 working days:

  • Notify the Purchaser and the Council that it declines to accept the order; or
  • That it accepts the order by signing and returning copies of the order from to the Purchaser and the council.

If the Provider notifies the Purchaser that it declines to accept the order, or fails to accept the order within 2 working days then the order from the Purchaser will lapse and the purchaser may offer the order to another service provider.

Once a Provider accepts an order it will be bound by the terms of the framework contract.

Page last reviewed: 25/08/2020