HMRC Training for Childminders

If you are currently working for yourself as a registered childminder, or are thinking of becoming one, you will need to consider how, as a self employed business, you will meet the requirements of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for taxation and National Insurance purposes.

As a self employed individual you will be responsible for your own taxes and to help you, HMRC have a large selection of e-learning activities, workshops and tools to help you with topics such as business records, expenses and National insurance.

Starting your own business

HMRC have an easy to use e-learning activity dedicated to helping you get off to a great start with your new business. The 'starting your own business' online presentation covers a number of topics, including:

  • Informing HMRC about your business
  • National Insurance contributions
  • Record keeping
  • Business expenses
  • Self assessment
  • Growing your business, including VAT and employing staff

The e-learning activity is designed specifically for childminders and early years providers.

Page last reviewed: 19/08/2021


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