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ARCtic Piranha Club Night Eventsa at ARC Stockton Arts Centre 

ARCtic Piranha events are learning disabled led club night events that take place at ARC Stockton Arts Centre. They are nights filled with music, DJing and dancing.

ARCtic Piranha events happen semi-regularly (roughly once every 3 months) at ARC Stockton Arts Centre. The event usually takes place on a Saturday evening 7.30-10.30pm (there may be some exceptions occasionally).

During the event, attendees can come along just as spectators, or they can put their name down to DJ supported by our very experienced and supportive DJ facilitators. 

ARC's bar No.60 is open throughout the evening, with refreshments including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available to purchase. 

Attendees are welcome to attend independently, however if usually supported by a carer or companion then the attendee would have to bring them along as this isn't something we can provide. All carers/companions go free.

During the event there will be loud music. We can provide ear defenders if required, and there is a chill-out space available at the event if a break away from the party is needed. There will be no sudden loud sounds or flashing lights.


Keep up to date with our latest events here:



ARCtic Piranha Planning Group

For anyone that may be interested in get involved in the planning of ARCtic Piranha Club Night Events, we are always open to new members in our planning group.

We meet fortnightly in the run up to an ARCtic Piranha Club Night event to plan everything from the theme, to the decor, the marketing and more. This is an opportunity for learning disabled adults to get a really hands on experience planning and delivering a club night event.

The ARCtic Piranha's meet fortnightly for four sessions before an event. We meet on Tuesday evenings 6.30-8pm at ARC.

Interested members are welcome to come along independently or with a carer/companion. We are unable to provide any carer support, so if anyone interested needs support this must be provided by themselves. 

Keep up to date with planning dates on our website page and Facebook group: 


Who to contact

01642 525199 01642 525199
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Where to go

Stockton Arts Centre
Dovecot Street
Stockton on Tees
TS18 1LL
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Page last reviewed: 07/09/2023


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