PANS and PANDAS are a set of conditions which result in an inflammation of the brain causing a variety of neuro-psychiatric conditions such as OCD, tics and eating restrictions.  These conditions are often misdiagnosed or blamed simply on bad behaviour and poor parenting.

PANS PANDAS UK is a charity which was established by a dedicated group of parents with children who are affected by these conditions.  Determined to make a difference to the way these conditions are understood by the medical profession and the general public, the charity was registered in May 2018.

The charity was originally created in order to raise awareness and understanding of these conditions amongst the general public and medical professionals.

PANS PANDAS UK are working closely with a Network of Doctors in order to ensure better diagnosis and early effective treatment for those suffering with these little understood but life changing conditions.

It is the mission of PANS PANDAS UK to ensure that both conditions are recognised in every GP surgery, every school and every hospital, leading to early diagnosis and effective treatment.

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Page last reviewed: 19/04/2022


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