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Home From Home Care is a family-led company which provides specialist residential service for adults (18+) with learning disabilities and complex needs, including autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, PMLD, sensory impairment and associated health & mental health issues. Being parent-led, our main ethos is to promote independent living as much as possible by empowering individuals to lead fulfilled, happy and active lives. We are renowned for offering a high quality service which puts the people we support at the heart of what we do. 

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In each location, we have designed and built different types and sizes of homes - where small groups of compatible people can live together or on their own. Differently normal, an individual and their staff team are a community. Outward facing, they can interact with the wider inclusive community on their own terms, whilst benefitting from a home life shared with their peers.

A range of services are designed to meet each individual’s care and support needs and their aspirations. For some, their home may also be a ‘pathway’ to another service that may offer more independence.

The various locations incorporate different CQC registered residential services and a Community ‘Hub’, including an activity centre and sensory room. As appropriate, the ‘Hub’ can be accessed by the individuals we support as well as those living in the wider community.

Multiple staff teams working on one site create a high level of staff resource & flexibility covering most eventualities, including staff absences, individual and staff compatibility, and extra support for individuals having a difficult ‘day’.

Whilst the focus of interaction is outward looking at the wider community, a great deal of social interaction takes place between different individuals. This may range from a couple of friends meeting for a coffee, to a larger group celebrating a birthday party or an impromptu BBQ.

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Ann de Savary
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Director and Co-founder
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PO Box 4412
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Our homes are based in Lincolnshire, however we support individuals who are placed with us from across the country, as the provision they require may not be available in their own area – we currently support over 85 individuals and work with over 40 commissioning authorities nationwide.

We are recognised nationwide as being an alternative for those complex individuals that may be difficult to cater for ‘in-county’, as well as being cost effective in the long term for the Local Authority.

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All placement costs are based on assessment


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All placements are subject to our in-depth assessment. A referral for assessment must be requested by the funding authority.

Other notes

Created by Parents… 

The service was created by parents, Paul and Ann de Savary, alongside their son Hugo, after they were unable to find an adult placement for their daughter Laura when she finished at a specialist college. They looked at 20+ care homes all across the country and none could live up to their expectations as parents for nice homely environments which put the needs and wants of Laura first, or support her to live as independent and active life as they believe Laura deserves. Now the largest parent-led specialist residential care provider, Home From Home Care now supports over 85 individuals funded by over 40 commissioning authorities. This is an incredible achievement, which is a testament to the drive and passion of the family.

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