Inclusion Strategy 2022 - 2025

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All “Middlesbrough Children Matter” and this strategy, alongside other key strategies promotes greater inclusion and support for our children and young people across Middlesbrough.

This strategy also supports the proposals in the SEND Review Green Paper, Right Support, Right Place, Right Time which was published for consultation in March 2022.
The overall aim of the SEND Review is to “Create a more inclusive education system with excellent local mainstream provision which will improve the experience and outcomes for children and young people with special educational needs and those who need alternative provision”.

This strategy also supports the Schools White Paper published in March 2022 the aim of which “Sets out a vision of the school system in which every child and young person can fulfil their potential, supported by an excellent teacher, high standards of curriculum, behaviour and attendance, backed by high-quality targeted support for those that need it”. The Schools White Paper also includes a Parent Pledge that schools will provide evidence based support if their child falls behind.

Page last reviewed: 07/11/2022


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