Nite Light CIC

A digital pay forward scheme.  Supporting the most vulnerable in our community

A cashless aid providing food and drinks to the people who need it most. Everyone deserves the essentials in life, no one should be in need of food, drink and hygiene essentials in this day and age.

Everyone that can help wants to help in one way or another however it has become more apparent that we no longer want to give cash to people on the streets. Firstly we have no idea what the money is being spent on and don’t want our hard earned cash to be spent on addictions or illegal activity. Secondly, we are not 100% sure that people asking for money are genuinely in need and lastly if we choose to give we are unsure of how much or what to give. 

As a community we can reduce begging on the streets but continue to support members of our society who are most in need. You can also help in your local area so have piece of mind that your local community will benefit from your generosity.

Nite Light CIC have come together with established cafes and restaurants throughout the community; not only will this service help to provide free food and drinks to people in need it will also help to support our local businesses. 

Visit the website or their facebook page for more information.

Nite Light Facebook Page

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Nite Light website
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Page last reviewed: 26/08/2022


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