School Transitions - Nursery to Reception, Primary to Secondary and Secondary to Post 16

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We often refer to 'transitions' within education. What we mean by this is where there is a significant change in education such as starting primary school, moving from primary to secondary and preparing for adulthood, including starting college. 

As these transitions can bring lots of challenges, its good to start the process early. For example in Year 5 we would start talking about secondary schools. If you have an EHCP, the transition will be discussed during the Year 5 'Annual review' and your SEN Case Officer would be involved. 

In Year 6, decisions need to be made around your choice of secondary schools. 

Children without SEN needs or those with a SEN Support Plan should submit a mainstream preference form to their Local Authority.  Children with an EHCP or going through the EHC assessment pathway will be sent a SEND specific preference pack to complete and return to   

Important Dates:

  • Reception - National Offer Day - 16th April
  • Secondary - National Offer Day - 15th February 
  • Post 16 - 31st March 

Who to contact

01642 201831 01642 201831

Page last reviewed: 15/01/2024


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