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Tees Valley Buddies is a neuro diverse self-advocacy and peer support charity network. Run by Neurodiverse people for Neurodiverse people!

“We are creating a community where everyone belongs and where everyone can make a difference” 

Our Mission

We feel there needs to be more neurodiversity awareness, more equal treatment and more widespread acceptance for those with autism and other neurological and cognitive developmental differences. We want to create a society that can bend a little to allow for differences in behaviour and learning needs in the hope to create more opportunities for inclusion in schools, work places and in the wider community.Our network is made up of neurodiverse volunteer (peer support buddies) who have different neurological and cognitive differences who can help other neurodiverse people so they can learn to celebrate their differences, feel valued, respected, reach their full potential by achieving their life goals and ambitions and live happy fulfilling lives.We want to spread neurodiversity awareness in communities, work places and education.We are currently working on the following projects:?Parent & Carer Support Buddies-For parents and carers who are struggling to cope, who feel like they have nowhere to turn, who want advice guidance or simply need someone to listen. We can offer one 2 one emotional and practical support from one of our trained parent and carer support buddies.?Peer Support Buddies- offer a one 2 one mentoring and support service to help empower people with neurological differences who are struggling with mental health issues, loneliness and isolation. So that they can learn to celebrate their differences, find friends, socialise and live a happier and fulfilled life.?B aware 2 B safe Project- awareness workshops ran by neurodiverse people for neurodiverse people spreading awareness on issues such as: mate crime, hate crime, bullying, scams, domestic abuse, debt and money issues, gambling, staying safe on line, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, health and well-being, relationships and safe sex.?Walk in our shoes project- delivered by autistic people, people with ADHD, Dyslexia, learning disabilities, dyspraxia and other neurological differences in schools, colleges, universities and work to help tackle negative attitudes and spread awareness in the hope to prevent bullying and disability hate crime in Tees Valley.?Embrace you Project- Helps and supports people who are struggling to deal with their neurological differences, so they can find their place in the world instead of trying to fit other people’s idea of normal. In the hope that they can see the beauty and value in their brain difference.?Work Buddy Program- helping young people and adults with learning disabilities and other neurological differences find paid work and work training opportunities. 


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Kristi Everest
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Administrator, Training and Development Co-ordinator
07934 449500 07934 449500
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