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  1. Home Safety

    Accidents are one of the biggest single killers of children in the UK. More children die every year because of accidents than illnesses such as meningitis and leukaemia. Nearly half of all children who are taken to hospital after an accident had their accident at…
  2. How is Childcare Regulated?

    The external link (below) provides information about how Ofsted regulate childcare providers. It sets out how you might like to use the information available to you when choosing childcare and what to do if you have a concern about your provider.
  3. In-car Child Safety

    What does the law say? You must use a restraining system if one is fitted in your vehicle. The law is complicated, so the best way to stay on the right side of it is to use the most appropriate restraint for everyone travelling in…
  4. Increasing Awareness of our Local Offer

    We continue to work hard to raise awareness of the Local Offer across Middlesbrough. We have been reaching out to young people, families and professionals by a variety of means and speaking to as many people as we can. Take a look at the downloads…
  5. Independent Travel Training

    Independent Travel Training Independent Travel Training supports young people with SEN and additional needs to travel independently to and from their place of education. Travel Trainers help young people using this service to gain the confidence and skills they need to make the journeys safely…
  6. International New Arrival Guidance (INA)

    Guidance for supporting international new arrivals into education It is important that all children and young people new to the area are offered educational provision as soon as possible. Access to education is particularly important for children/young people whose families may have relocated to the…
  7. Jargon Buster - Our Words explained!

    Professionals can sometimes use words, phrases and/or abbreviations that are difficult for parents, carers and young people to understand. They can also mean different things to different organisations. Click on the letters below to see some of the words and terminology you might come across. 
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