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5 a Day

A few small changes can help you and your family get the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day.  NHS website: 5 a Day

Accessing a Mainstream Base (Also known as ARP or SEN Unit)

In Middlesbrough, we have various bases in mainstream settings which provide additional support for children and young people with special educational needs.  They are called either: SEN Units  -  special provisions within a mainstream school where the children with a specific type of SEN are…

Alternative Education Directory of Approved Providers

Middlesbrough Councils Alternative Provision Directory provides a list of organisationsproviding educational placements, who have at least met the minimum standards setwithin the Alternative Education tender specification, and agree to framework contractual obligations, both specification and contract available on request. Alternative Education refers to learning and…

Annual Health Checks

People with a learning disability often have poorer physical and mental health than other people. This does not need to be the case. Annual health checks are for adults and young people aged 14 or over with a learning disability. An annual health check helps…

Annual Health Checks - Mencap Easy Read

If you have a learning disability and have joined the learning disability register, you might also be able to have a free Annual Health Check. What is an Annual Health Check? An Annual Health Check is done by your doctor once a year. Your doctor will…

Annual Review of EHCPs - Guidance and documents

Education, Health and Care [EHC] Plans should be used to actively monitor children and young people’s progress towards their outcomes and longer term aspirations. They must be reviewed, as a minimum, every 12 months. Reviews must focus on the child or young person’s progress towards…

Babies & Parents Videos

NHS help and information videos for new parents eg how to bath a baby.

Becoming an Adult

Becoming an adult can be a confusing time with lots of questions about what will happen when leaving school, starting work and thinking about independent living/leaving home. We want to help you make informed choices about your future, and help you improve your skills to become as independent as you…

Berwick Hills Children’s Centre Re-location

We are in the process of re-locating Berwick Hills Children's Centre. As a Middlesbrough parent you can access any of the Middlesbrough Children's Centres.

Brave New World

Brave New World is a video which supports parents with understanding babies brain development from 0-16 weeks. View the video