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Teenage Information Advice & Guidance Appointments

IAG appointments are available from the Stronger Families Service. The appointments will include delivering information, advice and guidance on a range of themes around Education, employment and training, benefits, housing, health and wellbeing, as well as providing an opportunity to offer quality support to our targeted young…

Tips for Going into Hospital if you have a Learning Disability

Going into hospital is a worrying time for any of us. It can be even harder for someone who has a learning disability. If you're looking after an adult or child with a learning disability, follow these tips to make a hospital stay go smoothly…

Top Tips for Positive Parenting

Understanding our own feelings.Feelings are signposts. Children learn from what they see us do. If we can express our feelings appropriately, they will learn how to do this too. Understanding our children's feelings and behaviour. Feelings fuel behaviour. It takes years to learn to manage…

Top Tips for Using NHS Services

Check out the Top Tips for using NHS services in the download section on the righthand side.


Traineeships A traineeship is an education and training programme with a core aim of work experience to help young people to become ready for work. Traineeships are for young people aged 16-24 who need the opportunity to develop their employment skills and knowledge. A traineeship…

The Transforming Care Approach

Transforming care is a national programme led by NHS England which is all about improving health and care services so that more people with learning disabilities and/or autism can live in the community, with the right support, close to home and have the same opportunities…

Transitions Guide

Middlesbrough Councils Children with Disabilities Team have produced a number of information booklets that you may find helpful. Download the Transitions Guide from the righthand side of this page.

Travel Assistance to School / College (SEND)

Home to School Transport Policy As a parent, it's your responsibility for getting your child to and from School. However, in some cases, the Council can provide help / support for your child's travel between home and school. Our Home to School Travel Policy is…


We are in the process of creating videos with Middlesbroughs young people. If you would like to get involved or have any suggestions of things you would like us to cover please let us know by emailing  

Vocational Profiling

Vocational profiling As part of your preparation for adulthood you may be supported by staff in your school or college to develop your own vocational profile. A vocational profile is a document that looks at what job would like to do in the future and…
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