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  1. Becoming an Adult

    Becoming an adult can be a confusing time with lots of questions about what will happen when leaving school, starting work and thinking about independent living/leaving home. We want to help you make informed choices about your future, and help you improve your skills to become as independent as you…
  2. Support Services

    Some children, young people and families may need support with specific difficulties or challenges. You can find information here about council support, local and national support groups in addition to online support. You may also want to get involved with the local Parent Carer Forum.…
  3. Health & Wellbeing

    North East North Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB) work with a wide range of Health services available in Middlesbrough to support children and young people with SEND. These services all come under the heading of Health but are provided by different organisations; South Tees Hospital Foundation Trust - …
  4. Education & Training

    Within this section you can find lots of information about education settings within Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas.  We have also added information about out of area schools and independent schools that some of Middlesbrough children attend. You can also find out information about attendance, school admissions and…
  5. Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2021

    This latest Childcare Sufficiency Assessment provides a current picture of the childcare market in Middlesbrough and will be used to ensure that sufficient childcare is available across the town, to meet the needs of parents. Download the latest assessment from the downloads below.
  6. Helping Children be Ready for Nursery

    'We believe in Middlesbrough that nursery ready children are curious, confident and co-operative.  Supported by family, professionals and community these children are able to flourish and reach their optimal potential.' See how you could support your child: see pages 11-14
  7. Alternative Education Directory of Approved Providers

    The Tees Alternative Education Directory provides a list of organisations providing educational placements, who have at least met the minimum standards set within the Alternative Education tender specification, and agree to framework contractual obligations, both specification and contract available on request. Alternative Education refers to learning…
  8. Worried About a Child?

    Contact the South Tees Multi Agency Children's Hub In an emergency call 999. If you're worried that a child is currently suffering, or is likely to suffer from, significant harm you need to take action immediately.
  9. Talking about Alcohol & Drug Treatment

    Attached (see download below) is a useful tool from the Children's Society to use with young people to help them understand parental drug use.This booklet is aimed at children and young people aged 10–14, but it can be adapted to suit the child or young person you…
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