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If you think your child might need some additional support there are lots of people and services that can help.

If your child is not in full time nursery or school you may want to talk to your Health Visitor about whatever it is that’s worrying you. You can also contact the Early Help Hub / First Contact team at Middlesbrough Council. They will ask you some questions about your child in order for them to know the right type of advice and support to offer. 

If your child is attending nursery, you should talk to your nursery key worker or SENDCo. They might also suggest a referral to the paediatrician or a speech and language assessment or an occupational therapy assessment. These assessments are usually done through observation a non-threatening environment such as the home, nursery or a specially designed play room and the professionals are likely to ask you about the concerns you have. All this would provide information on how best to help your child. 

Middlesbrough Council Early Years:

A range of specialist support is available through the Early Years Specialist Support Service (EYSSS). Referral to this service is via a referral form available on the Child Development Centre website

The outreach and inclusion team from the EYSS service work in partnership with schools and other settings to identify and assess children’s needs, and provide support and training to promote inclusion and achievement, to secure better outcomes for children with SEND across Middlesbrough.

The EYSS Service also provides Portage home visiting to support families of children aged up to four with SEND in the family's own home and Joint Education Therapy (JET) Groups which provide assessment, intervention and support in a group setting in partnership with relevant therapists.


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