What are Children’s Centres?

Children's Centres offer all families with children under five a range of services, information and support in their local community.

Our Aim

The main aim of Children’s Centres is to improve outcomes for all young children, so that they are happy, healthy and ready for nursery.  Our activities support this and staff will help you understand how your child learns and how you can encourage this at home.

 What do we do?

The support varies according to need but most centres offer the following:

  • Access to health services
  • Play & learning sessions
  • Information, Advice & Guidance in relation to you, your baby and family 
  • Training courses to improve your life skills or help you back to work
  • Parenting programmes and support
  • Family work

Centres work closely with other local organisations, and can give you details of different people who can help you.

The facilities and activities are designed especially for parents expecting a baby, or those with a child under 5 years old, however our teams help and support the whole family and some centres are able to offer wider community activities.

We want to provide help and support to young children and families as soon as there is a need, helping to prevent any problems developing.  We call this Early Help.  We understand that being a parent is sometimes the most difficult job in the world and at times it can feel like you don’t know what to do for the best.  Our staff are all trained to help and support you with top tips and ideas to make family life run more smoothly. 

Only Middlesbrough residents are able to access Middlesbrough Children’s centres.

Page last reviewed: 26/07/2022


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