Supported Internships

Supported Internships

A supported internship is a type of study programme that is focussed on supporting young people with SEND to get a job.

A supported internship is different to other types of study programmes as its core aim will usually be work experience. Most of the learning that takes place on a supported internship is within the workplace, with only a small amount of time spent in college. The time that is spent in college is usually to study maths and English, and sometimes employability skills.

For a supported internship you must:

-       Be aged between 16-24

-       Have an Education, Health and Care Plan

-       Want to move into a paid job

A supported internship usually lasts for one year. Many students who complete a supported internship need higher levels of support to help them move into the workplace. This support is built into the supported internship and may include support in the workplace from a job coach, along with non-workplace support to promote knowledge and skills development.

After a supported internship, a young person will hopefully be ready to progress into a traineeship, apprenticeship or paid work.

Page last reviewed: 21/07/2023


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