Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training

Independent Travel Training supports young people with SEN and additional needs to travel independently to and from their place of education. Travel Trainers help young people using this service to gain the confidence and skills they need to make the journeys safely and independently.

Middlesbrough Council provides a support programme of Independent Travel Training (ITT), which may be beneficial for pupils attending School or College. The programme provides pupils with the skills and confidence needed to travel independently to and from School and College. The service is accessed through a referral process from either the School SENCo, the 0-19 service (formally IYSS), or through the Integrated Transport Unit.

The referral will be forwarded to the Independent Travel Needs Assessor, who will decide the suitability of the young person to participate in the programme, and what level of travel support is needed. If the young person is suitable they will be allocated a travel trainer who will assist them to develop their skills, with the aim to become an independent traveller.

For further information see the Middlesbrough Council website 

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