Multi-Agency Exclusions Policy

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Many Middlesbrough students at risk of exclusion, or who are repeatedly suspended, often face vulnerabilities that are barriers to their education. Low levels of attendance, special educational needs (SEND), a significant degree of family dysfunction, adverse childhood experiences, involvement in or being the victim of serious crime, bereavement, domestic violence, neglect, sexual abuse, the impact of drug and alcohol abuse and mental health issues are just some of issues that Middlesbrough’s children face.

Some children are receiving, or have previously received, support from: a social worker, an early help worker, Stronger Families, Missing from Education, the VEMT team or the Youth Justice Service. Others are referred to these services following an exclusion. There is some excellent practice in our schools, however, some existing behaviour policies do not have a positive impact on the young people in Middlesbrough who are struggling with some of the issues outlines above.

The new Middlesbrough Inclusion Model, introduced in January 2022, has had a positive impact by introducing a new approach to help schools find alternative pathways for pupils with vulnerabilities who are at risk of exclusion. With the help of the Inclusion Model and this Exclusion Policy, it’s our expectation that our most vulnerable children will not be permanently excluded or repeatedly suspended and that schools will instead take the opportunity to strengthen multi-agency partnerships and give children every chance thus increasing opportunities for positive outcomes.

This policy sets out the multi-agency approach that will be followed by Middlesbrough Council to identify additional support to keep young people at risk of exclusion with vulnerabilities in their school or, where this is not possible or desirable, in alternative placements. All relevant parties should work in close partnership, and with the young person, throughout the process to develop and implement

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