International New Arrival Guidance (INA)

Guidance for supporting international new arrivals into education

It is important that all children and young people new to the area are offered educational provision as soon as possible. Access to education is particularly important for children/young people whose families may have relocated to the area from other countries and are settling into the community.


The LA Admissions team will advise on process and this may also be supported by the involvement of the LA Ethnic Minority Achievement Team. Settings should follow the Admissions Code when considering requests for school places and this includes where children/young people arrive from outside the UK perhaps with English as an additional language and where the child/young person may have special educational needs.  Other than in the most exceptional of circumstances, all settings are expected to admit children/young people, use their existing resources, including notional SEN budget where appropriate and access support from the LA and other agencies where necessary.


Settings should follow the guidance issued by the LA on SEN Support and EHC assessment process where relevant to the child/young person admitted to the setting but settings must not delay admissions to await the outcome of EHC assessment and must adhere to the Admissions Code, admitting children/young people as and when requests are received from the LA Admissions Team subject to the usual provisions regarding admission numbers and parental rights to Appeal.

Page last reviewed: 09/10/2023


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