Guidance for pupils with SEND moving into Middlesbrough from another LA

It is important that all children and young people new to the area are offered educational provision as soon as possible.

The process for admission into a school is managed in Middlesbrough by the Admissions team. Schools should follow the Admissions Code when considering requests for school places. Other than in the most exceptional of circumstances, schools are expected to admit children/young people, use their existing resources, including notional SEN budget where appropriate and access support from the LA and other agencies as required.

Schools must adhere to the Admissions Code, admitting children/young people as and when requests are received from the LA Admissions Team subject to the usual provisions regarding admission numbers and parental rights to appeal.

This guidance does not replace the Middlesbrough Fair Access Process and should be read in conjunction with the Fair Access process guidance. 

There may be circumstances where teams from across the Inclusion and Specialist Support Service will become involved in securing an appropriate placement or providing additional resources to meet the needs of a child. These include:

• Where a child moves into Middlesbrough with SEND needs and does not have an EHCP but does require support, advice and additional resources from the Local Authority to meet their needs in a mainstream school
• Where a child moves into Middlesbrough and has been accessing Alternative Provision in their previous Local Authority
• Where a child moves into Middlesbrough and they are already part way through a statutory assessment of their education, health and care needs.

The SEND Assessment and Review team will always take a lead role in securing a placement for child who moves into the area with an Education, Health and Care Plan [EHCP].

Page last reviewed: 15/02/2023

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