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You Said We Did

We are continually working with parents, young people with SEN or Disabilities and organisations to improve your Local Offer.  

We would love to hear what you think about this website. All feedback is viewed and will be used to enhance our directory.   

If you would like to suggest improvements or additional features please email us at 



You Said  We Did 

There's a new support charity, Tees Valley Buddies

 We added this.

Do we have a section on Young Carers on our Local Offer


We don’t, but we are looking at how we can work with the website to make develop particular section for Young Carers.
In the meantime we have made sure the new young carers service provided by The Junction Young Carers Service is up to date.

We need better information for parents around Post 16 opportunities such as Traineeships, Internships and Apprenticeships or bespoke services. 

We passed this to the Preparation for Adulthood Lead to bring into their action plan and have also requested they look at Easy Read information for parents.

Better LMI (Labour market information) 

We passed this to the Preparation for Adulthood Lead to bring into their action plan of work.

I think the local offer would be better to use if it was an interface where the system could create a profile of the support/information that the user is trying to identify which could then provide an intelligent based response returning information to the user to give an informed output of what is available in the local area.

We like this idea. Unfortuanetely we are limited as to what our current website is able to provide. Should we be able to change this in the future we will look to see if this is possible.

You Said

We Did
 Step Forward Tees Valley doesn’t show up.   We added this.
 I don’t know what a Supported Internship is.  We passed this to the Preparation for Adulthood Lead to bring into their action plan.
Young People Said
You Said We Did

“There’s lots of words and not enough pictures”


'We've added lots more photos to the Local Offer.

You like gaming


We told the Short-breaks team, they have worked together with Blaze Gaming Station and now  have exclusive sessions every Monday Evening 5-8pm.

You like to play football.


We found more football sessions and added them to the Local Offer.

You want to be able to play football


We spoke to MFC Foundation and they are now delivering a Blind and Visually Impaired session every week

You want more fun things to do after school


We've added 114 different leisure activities and groups to the Local Offer these days out, cheerleading, music and drama.

You want more information about what you can do when you leave school.


We have added Young Peoples stories to the Local Offer to inspire you.

You want more work experience and training opportunities.


We passed your comments to our Strategic Preparation for Adulthood Group to help shape the way they work. They are looking at ways to increase training opportunities and supported internships.
You Said We Did
You need a Facebook page! 'Local Offer - Middlesbrough' Facebook Group launched 19th February 2019.

There is no translate option on the mobile Local Offer.


We added this.

You need to move the CCG logo on the mobile version as it doesn’t fit properly.


We re-sized all the logos to fit.

Middlesbrough College doesn’t show up when you use the 16 years - 19 years  filter option


We fixed this.

Not all the information is up to date.


We've added the review date to the bottom of the page so that you can see when we last checked the information.

Too much reading. Recorded messages when you click on a button. I need to ask staff to help read it.


We're looking into how we can make this easier!

I can't find information about Disability Access Fund


We added this.
My Family Plan (Early Help) doesn’t have contact details on it.

We passed this on to Stronger Families team and asked them to update their details.


You Said           We Did

 It can take a while to find the information you need. You have to search through  different pages, with information branching off.

 We are currently updating each section with easier straight forward category listings  and adding the 'Info' logo to information  listings. 
There is very little available to meet the needs of their children within the local area, particularly when trying to locate sessions or activities that were autism friendly.   We are currently searching the local area for leisure activities and groups that are focused on SEND. Updates so  far have included autism football sessions,, a new Cheerleading group, the local cinemas and Play+ at local soft and Fun Days at Daisy Chain. We are advertising events on What's On section. This is something we will continue.
 Couldn't find the FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) support service on the Local Offer.  FASD service made available to view.
 Parents are left in limbo until they get a diagnosis.  We have started to promote of the Local Offer with professionals within Health, Social Care and Education so parents can be sign posted to useful information whilst waiting for diagnosis/services to start. This is taken the form of presentations, emails and training. This is something we will continue. 
Couldn’t find Sunnyside School when searching using 'blind' or 'deaf'  We expanded the keywords within service description to ensure that Sunnyside appears in list.  

 To include more pictures/photographs on the Local Offer. 

 We are updating the Local Offer pages, adding company logos and flyers in addition to images on the carousel. We're also working had to increase the images that providers add.

 We want to be able to plan for school holidays.

 We advertised local events and clubs in the What's On section.This is something we will continue.

 I think the access to the page is not straight forward. 

 We created a new hyperlink to direct people straight to the Local Offer pages   

 There is no information when you click on the Disabled Children - A legal Handbook link

 We fixed this

 The link to Education, Health and Care Assessment and Planning Pathway on the Health page is broken.

 We fixed this

 The link to Sports and Leisure activities on Middlesbrough Councils page only goes to a list of playgrounds

 We've updated this to link to the overall Sports and Leisure centres website whilst we search out specific events and activities.

 The link to download the Supported internship leaflet is  broken

 We fixed this
Not all services have contact details attached to their info. We are working through all our services and updating them.  
If I want a primary or secondary school for my child with SEN I want a list with their websites, it does not do that. We added this, you can now download a .pdf
The Hollis school information takes you to an old website We've updated this.
I am unable to find any information about Key Stage 3 support bases. We've updated the introduction text on the Education and Training section. This now includes a clear link to the Middlesbrough Schools list pdf which includes this information.
The leaflet needs to be reviewed to provide parents/carers with better understanding of the Local Offer. We changed our leaflet.
We get lots of our information from the School and their websites. 

We contacted schools to ask them to add a link to our Local Offer onto their websites.

We sent schools a supply of the new leaflets and posters to display.


I think the 'Things to do in the area page' is a good starting point for many parents - if this was made more of promoted kept up to date with picture - it might become a more central starting point for families to find 'all and every' information in the area. I really feel there need to be more pictures - it would make it all more engaging and friendly. The Whats On page is constantly being updated. We have also added Images applicable to the seasons to the Carousel to promote events during the holidays.
When I type in SEND Middlesbrough to Google the Local Offer isnt the first thing to come up We have amended the title page for the Local Offer from SEN and Disability to SEND - Local Offer and also added a title in the script of the webpage and added a metatag page description to state "Middlesbrough Councils Local Offer pages provide information and advice for young people with SEND". This will hopefully improve the listing of the Local Offer on search engines.
SEND Local Offer in google takes me to the Council web page for SEN Assessment Team We added a local offer link to the Councils page for those users who arrive here first.
You can't really read the 'News' and 'Information' bits., its all words and grey writing. We added two new categories in the style of the rest of the page; Middlesbrough Strategic Information and Useful Information and relocated the pages into them. 
More options for text size needed when you have sight problems We're waiting to find out if the page will support this.
You can only find the Local Offer on the Council website if you know its called the Local Offer We contacted the Councils Digital team and asked if they could amend this for us. The Local Offer now shows up in the list when you search for "SEND" and 'Special Educational Needs'. We also added a link to the Local Offer on the Council page for the SEND Assessment Team.
I couldn’t find Overfields Speech and Language unit We added this.
The new service, Robin Centre isn't on We added this.
When searching for Visual Impairment it comes up with 28 services however when you use the filter at the left hand side of the screen: Supporting people with ‘Visual Impairment’ – It narrows down to just 8 and misses some key services such as Look UK which specifically supports children/young people with a visual impairment. We added in the Visual Impairment tag to the services to make sure they remain in the search results.
It would be better if you moved the A-Z search below the Search option. We've asked for this to happen.
You need a Facebook page! Watch this space!
2015 - 2017


You Said


We Did

 Can you create a link school's Local Offer documents on their websites?


We Did this

 Parents need to know if day nurseries and childminders cater for children with disabilities.


We wrote to all childcare providers and asked them to provide details of their local offer, which have now been published.


 We need information on auxilliary aids.



We improved our keyword search for this.

 The youth club we go to is not on the website.


 We added this.

 When I googled Middlesbrough's Local Offer it wasn't first on the list.


We investigated this.  The  LO which was first on the list was a paid for advert.  Middlesbrough's was first underneath this.

UPDATE:  Middlesbrough's Local Offer is now first on the list.

 Support available if you are going to university should be on the LO.


 We added information about the Disabled Students' Allowance.


 I can't view the site on my tablet or phone.


 We have re-built the site and you can now access it on mobile devises.


Page last reviewed: 26/08/2021


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