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Moving from Childrens to Adults Health Services

Transition from children’s services to adults should be a smooth, seamless process during which young people and their families feel supported and confident that their care will continue to be delivered to the standard they expect.

For many young people with long term conditions, the support from a Specialist Nurse enables this process to be coordinated with planning meetings and shared clinics between clinicians.

At South Tees there are Nurse Specialists for respiratory, diabetes, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis and endocrine disorders. Each service has its own transitions plan and has examples of good practice such as using the Ready Steady Go transition planning paper work, residential holidays for young people to build independence, running school clinics where patients are seen on their own and events for parents and carers to discuss changes and any anxieties.

If you want to talk to someone about your worries when moving from Children’s to Adult service, speak to the consultant in the service you are under at your next appointment.  

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