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Early Help & Family Partnership Team

Who’s responsible for Early Help?

All services that have direct contact with adults, children and young people and who are likely to identify that there are problems or issues that are negatively affecting the adult, family or household need to be aware of the My Family Plan and, where appropriate, to be able to undertake one. 

This means if a parent or child or young person needs help, then those services can help them. This could be GP, teacher, Special Education Needs worker, health visitor, school nurse, a family practitioner, Children Centres or a worker from any community services. Sometimes those services work together as a team to help families. It depends on how complex the needs of the family are. 

The aim of Family Partnership Team is to work with families to help them get the most out of family life, to be healthier, to achieve, be safe and enjoy their lives together. Middlesbrough wants to stop problems getting worse for families as early as possible.


As a parent, carer, child, young person or professional who can we approach for Early Help? 

You can approach any one of those services mentioned above. They will spend time with you and listen to what worries you have and explore what help you think is needed. 

You can also contact the Family Partnership Team.


What is the Family Partnership Team? 

Families and/or services can ask for help by contact the Family Partnership Team. The Family Partnership Team is a family support service. They make sure that families are getting the right support and that the right services are involved. They provide information, advice and guidance to families and services and help them to work together. 

They also have strong working relationships with other local community services, the Voluntary Sector, Church Sector and Adult Services. This is to make sure that families are quickly and effectively helped by the right service. 

How to contact the Family Partnership Team: 

Telephone: 01642  728080


Who to contact

01642 728080
Parent Organisation
Stronger Families

Local Offer

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