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(CAMHS) - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

Community CAMHS services offers a full range of services for children and young people (up to their 18th birthday) experiencing mental health problems and mental disorders.

The services provided by specialist CAMH professionals will support early identification and early intervention services.  They provide support to Children’s Workforce practitioners and act as a bridge between the different parts of the mental health service.

Services will also provide for children/young people with more severe, complex, or persistent disorders.  They are delivered from multi-disciplinary systems/teams.

Aims of the service

  • To improve and enhance the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people who are experiencing emotional and mental distress and ill health.
  • To provide high quality, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, and multi-modal specialist child mental health provision to the children and families of Tees and support seamless transition to adult services.
  • To provide effective, outcome focused services that put the needs of children, young people and their families and carers at the centre of their care and are delivered as part of an integrated model of multi-agency service provision.

Transitions from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) to adult services

From the age of 17.5 years each young person who is under CAMHS will gradually move to the adult services. This should be a smooth, seamless process.

Within Tees, Esk and Wear Valley’s NHS trust (they provide the service) there is a transitions protocol and a care pathway to facilitate the transition of care from CAMHS for young people who are likely to need transfer of inpatient or outpatient care at 18 years old.

Each young person will have a transition plan which they and their lead professional will write.

If you have concerns on how this could affect you or someone you know, speak to your consultant at your next meeting.

We are located at:

Middlesbrough CAMHS & LD CAMHS, Rosewood Centre, West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough

Eating Disorder Community Team, The Glades, West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough

Redcar CAMHS & LD CAMHS, The Ridings, Milbank Terrace, Redcar

Mental Health - Crisis/Intensive Home Treatment Service

Provides a service for Children, young People and families who are experiencing an acute mental health or emotional crisis which without the involvement of the Teesside CAMHS Crisis Team may increase immediate risk and result in an acute hospital or inpatient admission

Provides a service 24 hours per day/365 days per year

Provides a rapid response, offers prompt assessment within a maximum of 4 hours of a referral being received (with an aim for 1 hour), and where appropriate, intensive time limited interventions

Children and Young People (aged 0- 18) who are experiencing an acute mental health/ emotional crisis. This will be acutely affecting their function and  without input from the crisis team may be  severe enough to increase risk of harm to self or others, family breakdown or  require a hospital admission

TELEPHONE NUMBER: 03000 132 000

Middlesbrough: option 2

Redcar: option 3

Eating Disorders: option 7

CRISIS: option 6

Who to contact

Contact Name
CAMHS Teesside
0300 013 2000

Where to go

The Rosewood Centre
West Lane Hospital

There is free car parking available on site at West Lane Hospital.

Other Details


Age Ranges
0 - 18 years
Referral required
Referral Details

How to accessing CAMHS services

The services offer an open referral system and accept self-referrals.

One number accesses all CAMHS services in Tees.

Accessing CRISIS:

The service accepts referrals directly from young people or their carer, however this may not always lead to a face to face assessment and is dependent on presentation and information provided

Any health or social care professional (e.g. GP, health visitor, social worker, etc) can refer a person to the Service, however, they must have seen the service user within the previous 24 hours.

Referrals may also be made from acute hospitals and in-patient services to facilitate early discharge. Where this is a mental health hospital this will be planned in conjunction with the young person’s locality team and appointed care co-ordinator

Local Offer

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