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Future Steps Occupational Therapy Consultancy

We are a specialist paediatric occupational therapy service committed to changing the life of every child and family that we work with. Our team of fully qualified occupational therapists deliver thorough sensory and motor attachment assessments and from this can provide goal-orientated treatments. Parents and careers are actively encouraged to join in treatments at Future Steps, to further their knowledge and ensure progress continues outside of the treatment rooms too.


Future Steps can help children via:

  • Assessments of Sensory, Motor & Attachment

Full sensory and motor attachments which are integral to understanding the needs and difficulties of child and how Future Steps can help change their lives. 

  • One-to-One Treatment for Sensory, Motor & Attachment challenges

Sensory integration, gross/fine motor and attachment treatment with effects on behaviour self-esteem and confidence, offered both inside and outside of the clinic.

Sensory integration treatment helps develop the sensory systems a child/young person has difficulty with in order for them to remain regulated and able to learn to their best ability.

Gross/fine motor treatment assists particularly in areas such as handwriting, coordination and bilateral integration, which are examples of key areas needed to access curriculum fully.

  • SCORE Social Skills Groups 

These are 12 x 45-minute group sessions to help develop conversational skills, play skills, understanding of emotions and the need to regulate, friendship skills and dealing with conflict.

  • EARTH Hand Writing Groups

These are 12 x 45-minute group sessions to help develop rhythm, formation, understanding of letters, pen/pen grip, upper limb, and hand arches and muscles.

  • SMART Intensive Sensory/Motor Groups

These are sensory, modulation and regulatory treatment sessions which provide intensive therapy to groups of children with similar difficulties. They take place over 5 consecutive days at various points throughout the summer holidays.

  • Future Steps Training

Courses designed to assist the understanding of the behaviour and needs of children with a sensory and motor dysfunction, attachment difficulties and conditions such as ASC and ADHD.

  • EARTH Handwriting Programme

The programme takes ten minutes to complete on a daily basis and it develops upper limb and fine motor ability to support grip style and multi-sensory techniques for your own handwriting scheme.

  • Sensory, Modulation & Regulatory Manuals

The SMART Manuals contain 36-week programmes that work developmentally to improve the child’s performance in every aspect of their life.

  • AWARE Programme for Parent/Carers

AWARE is a 7-week programme that educates the parents and carers of children with difficulties in relation to SPD, ADHD, ASC, DCD, Anxiety and Attachment difficulties.

  • School Support

Schools can access screening, treatments, observations and more with a therapist on site. Please speak to Future Steps to learn how your school could be supported.

  • Home Visits

Specialist visits to assist with transitioning and understanding of why behaviour in the home is different, and strategies to assist.

  • Programmes for Home

Programmes aimed to ensure therapeutic progress continues and provides parents and carers with effective strategies and knowledge to support their child in the home and community.

  • Programmes for School

Created with the curriculum in mind and also consider timing/staffing restrictions, environment and resources. Occupational therapists deliver training to the necessary staff to ensure individualised programmes are carried out with confidence and competency within the school environment.

  • Listening Programme

The Therapeutic Listening® can be utilised in the classroom and allows for them to focus for longer periods of time, resulting in increased productivity.

  • Environmental Assessments

Environmental assessments can be carried out based on an individual’s needs however broader scale assessments which highlight various risks and triggers from a motor and sensory perspective can also be arranged.

  • Specialist Consultations

Occupational therapists are available to provide specialist and clinical insight to a child’s sensory and motor needs, and specialist recommendations during strategic or professional meetings.

Who to contact

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Development and Communications Junior
01642 807 669
Future Steps Consultancy

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Future Steps Consultancy
Baysdale Road
TS17 9DB

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Open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm

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