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Family Team

In Middlesbrough, families who require additional help due to issues/needs that they have, such as domestic violence, mental health, substance misuse etc., can request Early Help support by contacting the First Contact Team on 01642 726004 or by emailing, other agencies/professionals can do this on their behalf.

Families who are allocated to the Family Team are then allocated a lead practitioner from within this team. The lead practitioner will work with the family, and other agencies if appropriate, to assess the family needs and agree a support plan that will be co-ordinated by the lead practitioner.

The Family Team use a collaborative approach, working alongside the family and other agencies, using a variety of interventions and tools to engage with the family to be able to identify, assess, analyse and resolve the issues identified.

The lead practitioner will hold a family review meeting every 4-6 weeks. The family, lead practitioner and all involved professionals/agencies will attend this meeting to update on progress, and agree actions to continue to address and resolve issues.

The Family Team will support the family for a period of 12 weeks, however, depending on the complexity of the case this support can sometimes be shorter than 12 weeks but sometimes it can last longer than 12 weeks.

The family may close to the Family Team once the work is complete and needs have been met. Therefore, prior to the final family review meeting, the lead practitioner will offer to complete a Crisis Card with the family which they keep – this helps them to identify when issues might be arising and is a tool to help them to manage that situation before it escalates into a crisis. However, some families may stay with the Family Team and be moved into maintenance. If this is the case, a maintenance plan will be completed with the family – this will include steps they can take and contact details of who can support them if they need help with specific issues, without it necessarily resulting in the case being referred back into the Family Team to be reopened. If a family is in maintenance they can expect reviews to take place at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. However, not all families will remain open for the full 12 months within maintenance and may close sooner.

Who to contact

Family Partnership Team
Parent Organisation
Stronger Families

Local Offer

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